fNIRS 2020 Boston Postponed

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, the officers of SfNIRS, board of directors and organisers of fNIRS 2020 have taken the decision to postpone the conference for one whole year. fNIRS 2021 will now take place on 10-13th October 2021 in the same venue at Boston University.

As far as possible we are planning to run the conference with the same programme of invited speakers, educational course, mini courses and sponsors.
As a consequence of the postponement:
All future conferences would be moved forward by one year, i.e. fNIRS2023 (Europe), fNIRS20205 (Asia/Pacific), fNIRS2027 (Americas).

Elections for the new President and members of the board of directors will be postponed until 2021 with current postholders extending their roles until this date.

The General Meeting will also be postponed by one year and will take place at the 2021 conference.

We are keen to keep the fNIRS community connected before the next conference and we are planning to arrange a regular series of webinars to be made available to active members. A primary focus of these webinars will be on enabling early career researchers to present their work (and get credit for doing so) in the absence of an actual conference. We will keep you updated on plans for these.
We’re sorry we won’t be seeing you all in person in October but we will be working hard to keep us all connected until we meet again at fNIRS 2021.
Best wishes and keep safe everyone,
Clare Elwell
President of SfNIRS
Maria Angela Franceschini

Ippeita Dan
Chairs of fNIRS2021