Datablitz Recap

The three day virtual event on October 12-14 2020 has been a success with the 51 speakers delivering outstanding talks!

The short talks format followed by 20 minutes discussion has kept participants engaged during the zoom sessions without major glitches.

The Q&A in the main SfNIRS page lists 280 comments and answers, and thanks to the moderators has allowed speakers and attendees to further discuss all presented topics.

Recorded sessions are available for members at 

We had 635 registrations with zoom participation raging from 200-300 attendees during the 7 sessions.

Registrations by Country

Here are few additional stats of the registrants:

Special Thanks to
Zoom and webpage help:
    Felipe Orihuela-Espina
    David Boas
    John Sunwoo

The program committee and moderators:
    Sabrina Brigadoi , Ippeita Dan, Jeff Dunn, Turgut Durduran
    Lauren Emberson , David Highton , Adam Liebert, Rickson Mesquita
    Felipe Orihuela-Espina , Stephane Perrey, Sungho Tak

All the speakers and attendees