fNIRS Datablitz 2020 Registration

Registration is now closed

Registration is free and it is for the three days of the meeting even if you plan to attend only one session.

The zoom account has a capacity of 500 attendees. If we reach capacity you will be able to see the recording of the meeting at a later time.

To register to the fNIRS Datablitz meeting please fill up the form below. Once you submit the registration form, you will receive the zoom meeting id by email.

A few rules about the webinar meeting:

  • Attendees can pose questions by typing on the Q&A at any time. Questions will be answered during the 20 minutes discussion, after the 7 presentations.
  • Attendees microphone can be activated by webinar co-hosts upon chat or Q&A request.  
  • Participants who disrupt the meeting will be expelled.

Stay safe and see you soon!