fNIRS zoom meeting #1 registration

Thank you for registering for the fNIRS zoom meeting #1 happening this Monday March 30 2020, at 10 AM EDT.

The meeting is to discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting fNIRS research worldwide.

We will have contributors addressing the following:

  • Impact to your research
  • How are you adjusting to work?
  • What work-arounds have you come up with? 
  • Biggest concerns
  • Silver linings? 
  • Other suggestions

To register to the zoom meeting please fill up the form below.

Once you submit it you will see the zoom meeting id.

Please save the URL to access the meeting at the scheduled date/time.

A few rules about the meeting: Participants can pose questions by chat and then speak when called upon. Questions can be asked by chat or entered in the form. We will do our best to address most questions.

Please remember that this is the first time we do something like this, there may be many glitches.

The zoom account has a capacity of 500 people.
If we reach capacity you will be able to see the recording of the meeting at a later time.

Participants who disrupt the meeting will be expelled.

Stay safe and see you soon